We have all been affected in some way, or another, by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, many of us are safe and protected in our residences with either "safer at home" orders by governing agencies or being able to choose to work from home. Yet, our Frontline workers make the choice to be out there fighting for our safety, health and lives, day in and day out.

It is with utmost gratitude and appreciation for our heroes, whether in uniforms or scrubs, that we have created our "FUEL THE FIGHT" donation page. We will collect monetary donations which will be applied to meals. Every time we reach 20 donated meals, we will match your donation and help fuel the fight. We will deliver the total amount of meals to local Hospitals, Fire Stations or Police Departments throughout the OC area.

Help us support our Heroes! Every donation counts and every meal goes towards feeding someone fighting for us, and fighting Covid-19 on the frontline!