Our Story

Evolution is defined as, the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. The Cut exemplifies this process.

The Cut Handcrafted Burgers, was founded by Steve Kim in 2014 based on 3 key principles: Quality, Freshness & Tradition.  Quality that cannot be emulated through other means; butcher block levels of freshness, and tradition of artisanship, are at the core of our identity.  Adherence to these principles would elevate The Cut to the top of the food truck industry, being named OC Register's "Critic's Choice Best Food Truck" in 2015 and nominated "Best Burger in OC" for 2016 and spawn our evolution.

The success of our truck rolled into our first brick & mortar expansion in 2017, in Irvine, CA where we evolved into a full service restaurant operation.  Our main focus remained on Burgers with newly incorporated menu options including beer, wine, and craft cocktails. In 2018, an inspired brunch program was created and The Cut began to become more than a Craft Burger & Beer joint.

In 2021, we parted ways with our food truck after 6 successful years operating, then withstanding the Covid Pandemic.   In 2022 with our new Executive Chef and Partner Ryan Yi, we aim to elevate our craft further with amazing new additions to the menu for your enjoyment.

From an idea to Food Truck, to Craft Burger & Beer joint, to Modern Eatery, we have transformed, and epitomize the definition of evolution with The Cut - Modern American Eatery & Bar.